What I’m doing now

I’m currently spending my time on the following things:

  1. Leading the fundraising group and individual volunteer programme for Marie Curie in the North West. Launching 3 new volunteer fundraising groups and regenerating 7 this financial year (6 new volunteer fundraising groups formed and 6 regenerated in the previous year)
  2. Being a husband to Kate Johnston, dad to a full of life 4 year old and stepdad to 3 great young people
  3. Lifting kettle bells, building muscle and walking whippets to improve my health
  4. Becoming better at getting things done using bulletjournal
  5. Building this blog and studying to become a better writer
  6. Eating better, walking and sleeping more and monitoring it all via Fitbit

As things change I’ll be updating this page.

Hat tip to Derek Sivers for the /now idea

Updated: 18th February 2018