Let’s Talk Fundraising

Sometimes in your job as a fundraising professional you need to find answers to problems from people outside your organisation. You might know that someone in another charity is really making headway in an area that you’re finding difficult.

For example, I’ve been pretty successful in leading a team to deliver a very high number of new volunteer fundraising groups, but now we are finding that it is getting more difficult to continue this growth through our traditional approach. Surely someone, somewhere will have some new ideas that we haven’t tried yet? But how do I find them?

Facebook just doesn’t cut it. There are some Facebook groups that I am part of, but the way that Facebook shows just a single thread of discussions and comments doesn’t make it easy to find specific ones I’m interested in easily.

Can anybody help me?

Imagine if you had a group of like minded friends and acquaintances that you could ask for advice on problems you were dealing with. For example, how to increase your legacy income, how to deal with a difficult volunteer, how to adapt your operations to fit in with the new GDPR regulations?

What would it be like if you could share successes and problems with a group of fellow fundraisers who ‘get’ where you are coming from?

Think of how useful it would be if you were applying for a new job and wanted to get a heads up on the culture of the charity you were considering?

There is real power when professionals come together, when we can all learn, share and support each other in a friendly and honest forum.

Scratching my own itch

It is often said that good products come from individuals “scratching their own itch”. I was looking for a simple, useful and supportive forum where I as a fundraiser could discuss problems and provide solutions with other charity fundraisers. But I couldn’t find one.

So I decided to make something that I would like to use. I’ve built a small, invite only forum where fundraisers can learn from each other, help each other solve problems, gain support and build a rich community of like-minded people. It’s something that I think is needed and I hope you will also find it useful.

It is invite only in order to allow people to be more honest in their discussions. It is very new, so may have a few rough edges, that I’m sure will be smoothed off in future.

I’m really proud to be opening up the Talk Fundraising Forum now to a small number of initial members, but on a very limited basis. After the initial memberships (which are completely free) are filled, new applicants may have to wait until we are sure everything is working well. So if you would like to join the forum, register now before we close initial memberships.

To apply for one of the limited founder memberships click here