Three Things 02-03-18

This is the first in what may well become a regular mini post on this old blog. A quick collection of three things that I’ve found, enjoyed or just wanted to share for your weekend pleasure.  So without further ado:

Pen I’m finding best for writing in my Bullet Journal –

I love me a good pen, it’s a bit of an addiction. I have worked my way through far too many to find the perfect fit for my Leuchtturm Bullet Journal. And the winner is the Zebra Z Grip (in black)  It’s cheap, retractable and doesn’t bleed through the page so has become my go to pen for general use.

Book I’m reading – 

The Dark is Rising.  I was put onto this via Robert McFarlane’s Christmas reading group.  In this late snowy weather it’s a great children’s (and adult’s) book with a rich plot, vivid descriptions and a massive fan base. Enjoy!

Favourite “meme” I’ve been chuckling along to – 

I never knew music video “shred’s” were a thing. Be prepared to be laughing down a distraction rabbit hole.

Have a great weekend!

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